What are the prices of your bumpers and can I buy direct from you?

We do not sell directly to the public from our manufacturing facility, however we have a national online directory of dealers and distributors located here: Authorized Dealers.

Simply enter your zip code to find Frontier Truck Gear resellers located nearest you. This list is constantly being updated as we expand our customer base.

What type of paint do you use and do you offer different colors?

Al of our products come in a black high gloss, long-lasting powder coat finish. Many customers add custom paint and/or various types of spray-on bed liner materials on their own. This is typically added directly to the powder coat finish with little additional prep.

What is the weight of the product?

All product weight and dimension information can be found on our website when you search for a specific product model.  Our innovative designs are engineered to reduce excessive wear and tear to the vehicle and its suspension components; and are made for rugged on/off road use.

How is the product installed?

We have designed the heavy duty installation so it involves the fewest steps possible. In most cases, installation videos can be viewed on the website at frontier-gear.com (video page hyper link here) or on YouTube. Customer service is also available by calling us at 830-634-3086 for help.

Are your products compatible with sensors?

Yes. Our bumpers accommodate front and rear park assist sensors. Pay close attention when ordering because sensor models can have unique part numbers.

Will I be able to retain my OEM/Factory tow hooks and OEM/factory fog lights when I purchase a Frontier front bumper replacement or grille guard?

We make every effort when prototyping to keep ALL OEM/factory options. We offer very few parts that require you to remove the OEM/factory recovery hooks or OEM/factory fog lamps.

Are any of your parts universal from one make of truck to another.

Very unlikely! when ordering, be sure to read the the FULL description of the part you want. Some customers mistakenly believe they can purchase a product and buy an installation kit separately that will convert the product to fit their truck. Even the smallest detail of the body or frame typically changes our design of the product or the installation brackets.